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The memories took me be back to a place I could not stay

But for a moment they crept in to prey

Folded notes tucked in the torn box springs coiled in her soul

Hidden from another, unscripted, jilted and utter chaos

in a life beyond control

Sheets of linen lined with tears colored red

Sinister awakenings in the darkness of her mind … the hours

before the dawn of which she bled

Fairied fingers of stained amber rum

Toggled between innocence and a God given will

Evil took on a face of its own, tainted by ill spattered cum

A freeze frame imprinted in her brain, blurred visions of immoral heed

Haunted …

By nightfall when you took her innocence, she became your treachery

in which you came to feed

I cried for her today

© 2014

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